How To Write A Resume - Create A Good Resume Easy

Unless you have more than 10 years of experience, your resume should be no longer than one page.  Use a simple layout.

Know what you want.
Compose a clearly stated job objective. State what you want to do, for whom, where, and at what level of responsibility.

Stand out from the crowd.
Instead of just listing your job skills, describe the benefits and results of your performance. For each permanent job or staffing assignment, develop a list of major accomplishments, placing the most emphasis on your recent achievements. What problems or challenges have you faced? What actions did you take to overcome them? How did your actions benefit the company? Keep in mind that most companies value workers who enhance profits and save time and money.

Sell yourself.
You only have one shot to make a great impression. Your resume is a word picture of yourself. Showcase your strengths and one or two outstanding skills or abilities. List your education, training, and any relevant awards.

Never list the reasons for termination or leaving a job on the resume.
The reader can find negative connotations for even the best reason. You’re far better off explaining employment lapses in person.

Make sure the resume and the cover letter are error-free.
Proofread, and have others proofread them, too. Make your resume understandable by avoiding jargon and using plain English.