3 Dos and Don’ts for Dealing with Nasty Coworkers

Dealing With Nasty Coworkers

Nasty coworkers are becoming the norm, with a Harvard Business Review study noting that 50 percent of workers said they are treated rudely at work at least once a week. Here’s what to do and not to do in three all-too-common scenarios outlined by Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Jacksonville.

Your nearby colleague is always making snide remarks. Whether they’re insinuating your outfit is ridiculous for the office or asking why you’re leaving “so early” when it’s three hours past closing time, this person’s remarks can be both annoying and cutting.

  • Don’t let on how annoyed or disturbed you are. While you may want to try to explain away your actions to justify them, you want to stop the conversation ASAP.
  • Do respond in a neutral and unfazed way. Or you can just ignore the remarks altogether. The person is trying to get you riled. Show him you’re not.

You hear a coworker is starting nasty rumors about you. Whether it’s murmurs about stealing office supplies or whispers that you’re a party animal, hearing gossip about yourself never feels good.

  • Don’t play their game. When others fill you in on the rumors, don’t start badmouthing or starting rumors of your own. And for goodness sake, don’t storm up to her desk and start an ugly scene.
  • Do confront the coworker, but in a mature and non-accusatory manner. Talk to her while you two are alone and tell her what you’ve been hearing. Even if she denies she’s the source, she’s now aware the gossip is getting back to you and you’re not about to put up with it.

Your boss is on a tear to make your life a living hell. Some bosses are simply bent on making life miserable for anyone in their path, and quitting is not always an option.

  • Don’t give them any fuel for the fire. Stop the mumbling under your breath and drop the attitude, no matter how hard it may seem. While you’re stuck seeing them at work, you can opt out of any after-hours social functions. And don’t make yourself available 24/7. Only turn on your laptop and take business calls during business hours.
  • Do focus on your work, doing the best job possible. Keeping up a steady stream of quality work will win out in the long run.

Although rudeness was severe enough for 12 percent of those polled in the study to leave their jobs, these tips show it is possible to hang on, stay sane and still produce great work. View more information from Thrivas Staffing Agency in Jacksonville on our Google Plus page.

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