Don’t Go On Another Interview Without Making These 5 Preparations

How To Prepare For An Interview

Job interviews are stressful situations. However, you can reduce your level of stress by properly preparing for the big day. Each interview (and interviewee) is a little different, but these five steps will help you feel better prepared for what could potentially be one of the most important meetings of your life.

  • Learn About the Company – Go online and learn more about the company at which you are interviewing. What are some of their biggest products, services or locations? When were they founded? Is the company currently growing or expanding? Knowing more about the organization can help you explain why you would be the best candidate for the job.
  • Conduct Some Reconnaissance – See if you can learn more about what the interview will be like. This can help you determine the best way to dress, who you can expect to talk to and how the interview may be conducted. Look on social media, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor or even Facebook to see what you can find out about the job interview process.
  • Think of Some Stories – The interviewer will likely ask you some questions about your history, your interests and even your weaknesses. Think about how you will answer these questions and some good stories about your career—this can make you feel more relatable and it will make you more comfortable during the interview process.
  • Practice With a Friend – Have a friend or family member act as the interviewer so you can practice your skills. This can help you determine where you are stumbling and perhaps find out some areas you need to brush up on before the big day arrives.
  • Do Something to Relax – Before you go to the interview, do something to help yourself relax. This could mean going for a cup of your favorite coffee, working out at the gym or taking a nap. Just make sure you save time to clean up and put on your interview outfit!

These preparations will not take too much time, but may be the difference between getting the job and getting the “cold shoulder”. Remember that when you go into any meeting (including an interview) prepared, it will show. You will be more confident and you will be able to be the very best YOU, you can be.

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