How To Answer The Interview Question, “What Salary Are You Looking For?”

What Salary Are You Looking For Interview Questions

What salary are you looking for” is not the job interview trick question some people believe it to be. As you endeavor to learn how to answer interview questions properly, this is something you’re going to want to keep in mind.

Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Fort Lauderale, knows there are several things you’re going to want to keep in mind with interview questions and interview answers. One consistent factor to remember with all of these questions is the fact that you need to strive for honesty, sincerity, and the ability to phrase your answer with the best wording possible.

What salary are you looking for” strikes some as one of the more intimidating interview questions out there. Good interview answers are going to conceivably get you the job you want at a salary you can definitely live with. Conversely, poor answers can keep you from getting the salary you think you deserve. Worse yet, they can keep you from getting the job altogether.

How can you handle this question? When you learn how to answer interview questions, it’s easy.

How Much Do You Want To Make?

Interestingly enough, you can answer this question, without actually giving something that can be seen as a concrete response.

If they ask you “What salary are you looking for”, you can simply tell them that you trust that the company will pay you according to the combination of the current market and your current experience.

If you want to give them a more definitive answer, there are a few things you can do to achieve this. You can ask them to give you an idea of the salary range they’re thinking of. You can indicate that your results and the market at the time of your last job both determined your salary. Since you’ve unquestionably researched the current salary range for someone in your specific position, you can certainly use that information to give them a figure.

You can also emphasize the fact that although salary is important to you, it’s far from the only thing you want to bring to the table. Illustrate the various components to the job that have led you to the job interview in the first place. Make it clear that salary is important, but not the sole driving influence.

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