Direct Hire Staffing Agency Services - Permanent Staffing Agency Solutions

Direct Hire Staffing Agency Services
We help you find candidates for direct hire or a permanent position directly with your company.

Reasons to use our Direct Hire Recruiting Services:

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Hiring Risks
  • Access To Talent

Save Time
THRIVAS recruits, screens, tests, interviews and checks references for you.  There is no need for you to weed through piles of unqualified resumes or sit through unproductive interviews.  THRIVAS stands behind the associates we will place with your company and will only send you pre-screened and qualified candidates.  Our associates are selected specifically to fit your needs and training times are minimal before they become productive.

Reduce Hiring Risks
At THRIVAS, finding the perfect fit for your company is not only our goal, but our guarantee.  THRIVAS stands behind our services and the associates we place with your company.  We offer the THRIVAS Guarantee on all associates placed, permanent and temporary, because we are so confident that you will receive the highest quality associates.  If a placed associate does not meet your expectations we will replace them with no additional costs or extended time periods of assignment.

Access To Talent
THRIVAS attracts top talent and passive job seekers through many avenues (employee and candidate referrals, client outsourcing programs, strong internet presence, affiliations and associations, etc).

We provide skilled Temporary and Permanent Specialists in:

If you do not see your specific industry or field listed, please contact your nearest THRIVAS location to discuss in further detail.  Not all of our specializations are listed on our website.

Call 1.877.717.4095 to speak with a Staffing Manager about working with THRIVAS or Request Staff Online.