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Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives (CSR) interact with customers to process orders, provide information about products and services, and resolve issues.

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Call Center Agent

Call center agents usually work for a contact center and handle phone or email inquiries from customers. They determine customer needs and provide solutions.

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Client Relations Associate

Client relations associates make sure that customers are satisfied with the company’s services and products while building and maintaining a relationship.

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Client Services Coordinator

Client services coordinators are responsible for ensuring tasks are completed. They field customer questions and complaints and work to ensure all clients are satisfied.

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Member Services Specialist

Member services specialists greet guests and answer calls, field questions and concerns, provide services, and explain benefits and policies to members.

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Customer Service Manager

Customer service managers train and manage the rest of the customer service staff. Responsible for developing their skills to meet customer satisfaction goals.

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Remote Customer Service

Remote cutomer service refers to a customer service job that can be performed outside of an employer’s office. Also known as virtual, work from home, or telecommuting jobs.

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Temp Customer Service

A temporary customer service representative works for a defined period of time or until a certain project is completed. This provides flexibility for employers and employees.

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Entry Level Customer Service

Entry level customer service jobs provide an excellent way to gain valuable industry experience as an employee. They are also a great way for companies to hire motivated job seekers that can be trained.

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1st Shift Customer Service

The hours for a 1st Shift job are typically between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., although the times can vary. 1st Shift jobs are sometimes referred to as morning jobs or morning shifts.

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2nd Shift Customer Service

Second shift hours are typically 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (afternoon shift). The second shift may be right for you if you prefer working late and resting in the mornings, or if you have other commitments early in the day.

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3rd Shift Customer Service

The 3rd Shift covers overnight hours, roughly 12 p.m. to 8 a.m. While this can be hard, perks may include a lack of traffic, ability to hold a second job or to be available to care for children during the day.

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Thrivas provides staffing agency and employment agency services for many other customer service and contact center positions, including: Customer Success Director, Call Center Director, Business Relationship Manager, Contact Center Manager, Claims Associates, Contact Center Collections, Customer Care Representatives, Customer Research Specialists, Enrollment Specialists, Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales, Retention Sales, Bank Tellers, Account Coordinators, Client Relations Specialists, Concierges, Service Advisers, Member Services Representatives, Help Desk Analysts, Tech Support Representatives, Patient Care Coordinators, Front Desk Associate, Receptionists, and more.

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We offer direct hire, temp to hire and temporary staffing and recruiting services for customer service jobs

Direct Hire

We find candidates for permanent positions that start directly with your company.

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Temp to Hire

We place a Thrivas employee with your company to work on a temp to hire basis.

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We place a Thrivas employee with your company to work on a contract basis.

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Remote Staffing Agency

Remote jobs have become more popular over the years and Thrivas has been right there with the transition to help employers and job seekers find the flexibility they need. Also known as virtual jobs, remote jobs are when Thrivas places an employee with your company and the employee works from home or outside of your office. Remote jobs can be full time or part time and permanent, temp to hire or temporary. Contact Thrivas today to hire a remote worker.

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Featured customer service jobs

Remote Customer Service Representative (Financial Services)

Financial services firm is currently hiring a remote Customer Service Representative. The position is full time with hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The company offers a full incentive and benefits package that includes; medical, dental, vision, 401k paid time off and a casual office dress…

Call Center Customer Service Specialist (Remote)

A commercial and residential cleaning company is currently hiring multiple Customer Service Representatives. This is a full time position Monday through Friday. Remote work and overtime available for evenings and weekends. Overtime is not required. The position will provide full benefits after the successful completion of a probationary period. The…

Customer Service – Collections Representative

A large company is currently hiring a Customer Service – Collections Representative. The position is full time and permanent. The office is open Monday through Friday and provides some flexibility in the schedule. The company provides full benefits after a short probationary period. Regular opportunities for pay increases and advancement….

Insurance Customer Service Representative (Part Time Remote)

An established insurance company is currently hiring a Part Time Customer Service Representative for a remote job. The position is part time and the work schedule is flexible. The company is seeking an individual who has worked as a call center customer service representative, front desk receptionist or possibly performing…

Remote Customer Service Representative (Cosmetics Company)

Large cosmetics company is currently hiring several remote Customer Service Representatives. The company is hiring for full time positions Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Full benefits are offered after a short probationary period. There are regular opportunities for pay increases and advancement within the company. Applicants should…

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Hiring virtual customer service representatives can be challenging for businesses. It’s essential to find candidates who are skilled in providing customer support and can work independently from a remote location. Fortunately, staffing agencies for virtual customer service representatives can help. These agencies specialize in recruiting, screening, and hiring highly qualified…

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