Staffing Agency Process and Recruitment Process

Client Needs Assessment
THRIVAS will gain a clear understanding of your staffing needs and goals along with job descriptions and requirements.  Most importantly, WE WILL LISTEN.

THRIVAS will begin sourcing for potential candidates for your available position(s) through many avenues (employee and candidate referrals, client outsourcing programs, strong internet presence, affiliations and associations, etc).

THRIVAS will initially screen candidates by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.  Reference checks and past/present employment is verified.  All of these services are completed prior to sending the resume to you in order to protect your valuable time.

Resume Submission
THRIVAS will forward only the qualified resumes for your review.

Interview Coordination
THRIVAS will coordinate the interview with the candidate based on the best fit for your schedule.

You will decide on which candidate(s) you would like to make the offer to and when you would like them to start.  Either THRIVAS or you will coordinate this (however you prefer).

Follow Through
THRIVAS will check in at your preferred convenience in order to make sure your new associate is exceeding your expectations.