5 Reasons Why Career Coaching Works


Career coaching may seem like an extreme step, but in reality, it can make a huge difference in how you can navigate the job search waters. Here are five reasons, provided by Thrivas Staffing Agency, why you should seriously consider finding a career coach right away!

  • A Coach Can Help You Reach Higher – You may think that you are stuck with a particular job title or at a certain salary cap. A career coach will help you break through those self-imposed caps and reach for the stars. Don’t get stuck! Let a coach help you rise above the crowd and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
  • Recruiters and Managers Can See the Difference – When those who are in charge of hiring start searching through stacks of resumes, they will immediately be able to see that you stand out from the crowd. Thew will be able to tell that you put your career at the forefront of your life. This makes a big difference to them and will help you stand out from other applicants.
  • You Can Learn How to Answer the Tough Questions – Nearly every person has a skeleton or two in their closet. Your career coach will help you determine the best way to handle those when they come up in the application and interview process. You will decide if you should confront them head on or if another method is best. A coach can help you face your skeletons.
  • Setting Goals – Losing motivation is one of the most difficult parts of a long job search. When you work with a career coach, you never need to worry about this. You will always have someone helping you set goals and making sure you do not lose focus.
  • They Work for You – While you may get career advice from an employer, the person dispensing that advice works for your company—not you. A career coach is 100% in your corner. That makes a big difference.

As you can see, a career coach is an important person in your job search. Because of this, you should not settle for just anyone. Spend some time interviewing potential coaches and find one that you connect with on a personal as well as a professional basis. This will give you the best possible results with the coaching and with your job search.

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