That ONE Boss – Tips for Getting Along

Tips For Getting Along With Your Boss

Your boss…in some jobs, they can make your work life a dream, in others they can make work a nightmare! Unfortunately, unless you are in the market to change jobs, you are often stuck with the boss you are given. Luckily, if you are patient and persistent, it is sometimes possible to change the relationship you have with said boss. Here are five simple tips from Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies, that you can use to try to improve a strained relationship with a difficult supervisor.

  • Identify and Understand – Why is your boss doing the “bad” things he or she does? Chances are if you look long and hard you will see a reason for the actions. Once you know why, it may be easier for you to understand—and perhaps smooth any rifts between the boss and yourself.
  • Stay Ahead of the Game – Don’t let your boss be bossy. Anticipate what he or she will ask and beat the boss to the punch. The results of these actions can sometimes soothe the savage beast.
  • Figure Out the Triggers – Generally, people do not respond negatively unprovoked. Is your boss moody in the morning or late afternoons? See what you can do to make these times smoother or avoid him or her during this time.
  • Schedule One-on-One Time – See if you can arrange a meeting or just take a lunch with your boss and see if your boss’s attitude changes during these interactions. Some people just shift into “work mode” when there is much to be done—if the boss is kinder and gentler when you’re less stressed, you may have something to work with for the future.
  • Read Between the Lines – Some people are natural “hinters”. Take a hint. Sometimes learning to read between the lines and read what your boss is saying can help you head off a major meltdown.

If these ideas do not improve your relationship between you and your boss, you may have to think long and hard about your job situation. Is the “bad boss” affecting your life in such a way that it is worth searching for a new job? Are there any options available to you in your company? Sometimes, when the situation is bad enough—something big has to occur. Just make sure you look at things from all perspectives and make the right decision for you.

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