The Right Way To Decline A Job Offer From Broward County Staffing Agencies

The Right Way To Decline A Job Offer From Broward County Staffing Agencies

Have you ever received a call from staffing agencies or hiring managers that clearly undervalued your skill level? It’s pretty disappointing to get a call from your dream company in the hopes of being interviewed for that Executive Management position only to find they want to meet with you for their Executive Assistant job.

You don’t want that job but you want to work for the company. How do you gracefully decline an opportunity that you’re overqualified for?

Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Broward County, has a few tips. These tips are directly from our recruiters. Yep, they may have called you and misread a key point on your resume or overlooked your education achievements in error. We may have gotten the hopes up for applicants who knew we were recruiting for a certain Fortune 500 company or international organization that they want to be a part of. Only to find the employment opportunity does not suit their skill level or experience. Although it is very rare, we have made mistakes.

The job seekers who get angry and rush off the phone in a huff (appalled that an error could be made regarding their amazingness) may never get a return call. When that dream job does finally open up the job seeker will be remembered as unprofessional and emotionally incapable of handling sour situations in a positive manner. Hanging up on the staffing agency that is recruiting for your dream company? That’s not very harmonious with the “able to work well under pressure” or “poised, professional and level headed in the most stressful situations” that you have typed out on your resume.

So how do you handle this delicate situation in the hopes of being considered for employment opportunities that meet your expectations, salary or career goals? Well, our Broward County Staffing Agency has had some great responses that earned a call back and it was because the approach was so tactful we said, “Wow, now that’s a professional. Let me earmark that resume”. That person went from undervalued to our go-to resume for the next opening.

A simple statement such as “I am so glad you called. I have done a lot of research on your company and would love to be considered, however I feel that (XYZ qualifications) would make me more suited for a position such as…” or a more direct but tactful response “Although my qualifications and salary make me overqualified for this particular position I would like to have my information kept on file with your company. Possibly for (XYZ opportunity).

This allows you to decline in a way that does not embarrass the recruiter for their error while offering you the opportunity to outline your skill set AND take a moment to outline where your interests are with the staffing company.

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