THRIVAS Staffing Agency In Broward County Reports Recent Job News

Staffing Agency In Broward County Reports Recent Job News

South Florida’s Palm Beach and Broward Counties’ unemployment rate stayed consistent in March while employment opportunities increased, with Broward County’s 3.3 percent job gain outpacing Florida.

The State added 225,000 jobs, a 3 percent increase, from the previous year. Florida proceeds to add jobs quicker than the United States on average, which increased jobs by 1.7 percent in March.

Broward County’s unemployment rate held at 5.5 percent from February, a decrease from 6.2 percent in March 2013, according to the state.

Largely in trade and retail, South Florida’s Broward County has added 25,000 jobs since March 2013. The county also experienced good increases in the hospitality and leisure, business and professional services, and construction industries. Broward County also added the most jobs in local government over all other counties in Florida, 2,300.

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