5 Voicemail Greetings Job Seekers In Tampa, FL Should Not Have On Their Phone

5 Voicemail Greetings Job Seekers In Tampa Fl Should Not Have On Their Phone

The voicemail message you have on your cell phone, or home phone, can make or break your chance at an interview with staffing agencies in Tampa, FL and their clients. If you are hoping to find a serious job, you need a serious voicemail. Crazy songs, tricks, “you know what to do” comments and long rants or stories just won’t work. While they have undoubtedly made many people laugh over the years, they have also left many annoyed and frustrated. Hiring managers are often times under time constraints and can’t play along even if they wanted to.

Not sure what we are talking about? Here is a list of 5 voicemail greetings to never use when you are searching for a new job.

#5 Hello? … Yea … Uh huh … Yea … No, you stop yelling at me … Oh, you’re yelling alright … you know what, I’m hanging up … yes, I am … (Beep)

#4 Sing to Call Me Maybe
Hey I missed your call. I hope you aren’t crazy. But leave your name. I will call you maybe.

#3 You have reached the number you most recently dialed.

#2 No one answers phone calls anymore, send me a text.

#1 Hey (small silence) what’s up (small silence) sorry I can’t get to the phone right now but leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

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