Are You Making These Critical Job Application Mistakes?


Filling out job applications does not involve the same process that it once did. While you may still fill out a paper application for some organizations, this is the exception rather than the rule. Most applications are completed online or using an application kiosk. However, this does not mean that you are exempt from making … Read more

3 Ways to Use Technology to Get the Callback


So, you have applied for that dream job with the firm you admire more than any other, and it has been a couple of weeks with no reply. What should you do? You could ignore it—assuming that since you have not heard anything that the job simply was not meant to be. On the other … Read more

7 Things You Don’t Know About Online Applications


Today more companies than ever before are utilizing online applications. Luckily, these are easy on applicants as well as the organizations themselves. However, how much do you actually know about these applications? Consider seven things you do not know about online apps. Real people review these applications. – While the application may initially be screened … Read more

Getting Past the Robot – Simple Tips to Get Your Resume Seen


Applicant tracking systems save time for busy HR departments that may be inundated with thousands of resumes every year. These screening tools quickly search through the resumes and pull out only the best ones for an actual hiring professional to read and follow up with personally. While these systems can be highly beneficial for busy … Read more

How Your Financial Past Can Hurt Your Job Search


Is there something personal in your financial past that you’d rather not explain to a stranger — say bad credit, bankruptcy or a proclivity for spending thousands of dollars on lingerie at Victoria’s Secret? Then applying for a new job or going after a promotion could put you in a tricky spot, because an employer … Read more

5 Reasons Why Cold Calling STILL Works


While today you can find an abundance of open jobs on websites like LinkedIn, Monster or Indeed, not every open position is posted on a job board. There are other ways to find jobs—including cold calling. While the idea may make you a bit nervous, before you discount this possibility, keep in mind these five … Read more

Post Networking Event – Your Next Steps


Once you have attended a job fair or other major networking event, the employers will be calling, emailing and knocking on your door non-stop to offer you amazing new jobs, right? Well, occasionally a VERY lucky person may leave one of these events with a job offer in place, but this is about as likely … Read more