6 Fool-Proof Tips for Nailing Your Next Skype Interview

6 Fool Proof Tips For Nailing Your Next Skype Interview

Whether it’s your first Skype interview or your 31st, these six tips that Thrivas, a leader among staffing and temp agencies in Jacksonville Florida, collected from Forbes, TheMuse and Georgia Tech can help you pull it off like a video interview pro.

Dress the role

Choose a polished outfit in neutral shades like grey, black and blue, avoiding loud colors or patterns that can be too jarring on the screen. Skip the flashy jewelry, low-cut blouses or other items that may distract. For a psychological boost, dress up from head to toe, even though your bottom half may be hidden.

Clear the background

Spiff up your room, clearing the junk off your desk and removing any distractions from the wall behind you. Pick an area that is quiet, private and doesn’t run the risk of people walking around in the background in their underwear. Soft, natural lighting works well. Try a three light setup: one lamp to your left, one to your right and one shining on the background.

Make eye contact – with the camera

Although it may be tempting to look at the other person’s image on the computer screen, it’s more important to look directly into the camera so it appears you’re giving the person eye contact. You may otherwise appear to be staring off into space.

Smile; use natural body language 

Let your first impression be a smile, with a slight forward nod of your head. Try to keep a pleasant expression on your face throughout the entire interview, reminding yourself to breathe and relax. Move as you naturally would when speaking to someone across the table.

Eliminate tech issues

Do a test run before your call if possible, contacting a pal on Skype to ensure all components are working properly. If you do get a glitch during the interview, address and correct it immediately. Most Internet connections will also have a slight transmission delay when using video. Take it into account and pause before answering questions to ensure you’re not speaking over the other person.

Keep notes in front of you

Bolster your confidence by keeping your resume, questions you want to ask or other points you want to bring up in front of you. You can then quickly reference the materials to ensure everything you want to discuss is covered.

Practicing the call beforehand is not a bad idea, perhaps even recording it to ensure the light, sound quality, visuals and your outfit are up to par. And don’t forget to smile!

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