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5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Phone Interviews

So, you applied for the job of your dreams and guess what—the hiring manager called you back! However, they do not want you to come in for an interview yet. This company conducts the first interview by phone. The concept of […]

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How To Answer The Interview Question, “What Salary Are You Looking For?”

“What salary are you looking for” is not the job interview trick question some people believe it to be. As you endeavor to learn how to answer interview questions properly, this is something you’re going to want to keep in […]

Don’t Go On Another Interview Without Making These 5 Preparations

Job interviews are stressful situations. However, you can reduce your level of stress by properly preparing for the big day. Each interview (and interviewee) is a little different, but these five steps will help you feel better prepared for what […]

Surprisingly Simple Psychological Tricks for Acing Your Interviews

Four minutes. That’s the average amount of time it takes interviewers to decide whether or not they’re going to hire you after they meet you for the first time. That means your first impression has to be a good one […]

4 Potential Disasters to Avoid When Interviewing With Competitors

When you are working to find the perfect position for you, it could mean that you wind up interviewing at a direct competitor. Interviewing for someone who is in the same industry is a tricky situation. Here are four situations […]

Battling Nervous Behaviors During Job Interviews

Everyone is nervous when interviewing for a new job. It makes complete sense, of course. However, some people have more trouble than others dealing with this nervousness. If you are one of those people who tend towards severe agitation—perhaps with […]

Ask Away! – A Brief Guide to Asking Questions on An Interview

When a potential employer calls you in for a job interview, you expect that much of the time will be spent answering questions. After all, this is your time to tell the employer more about your skills and you as […]

Interview Tips for Introverts

As an introvert, the typical job interview is rife with situations that you could probably live without. From the “tell me about yourself” to the handshake goodbye, the entire experience can be overwhelming for introverts. While you may never get […]

Interviewing With a Panel – Tips for the Big Day

Is there anything more daunting than getting word that you will be undergoing a panel interview? While the idea of a job interview with multiple “bigwigs” at one sitting can be extremely overwhelming, the result can be beneficial. In fact, […]

Classic Public Speaking Techniques to Improve Your Interview Skills

Before you go into a big interview, you will likely spend some time searching for interview tips. However, have you ever thought about digging a little deeper? It could be that the best way for you to improve your interview […]

6 Fool-Proof Tips for Nailing Your Next Skype Interview

Whether it’s your first Skype interview or your 31st, these six tips that Thrivas, a leader among staffing and temp agencies in Jacksonville Florida, collected from Forbes, TheMuse and Georgia Tech can help you pull it off like a video interview pro.

Dress […]

Phone And In-Person Interview Tips From A Miami Staffing Agency

Phone interviews are a common method today for companies that are interviewing potential candidates for an open position. They want only those that are best qualified and phone interviews are a means for determining those that quality for an in-person […]

Why Should We Hire You? How To Answer Interview Questions | Tampa FL

When you want to learn how to answer interview questions, you’re definitely going to want to learn what you should say to a question as challenging as “Why should we hire you”? Of all the interview questions and interview answers […]

Should I Ask About Benefits During An Interview? Orlando Staffing Agency Tips

“Should I ask about benefits during an interview?” You’re going to want to understand that in virtually all cases, any decent list of interview tips is going to tell you to avoid this question at all costs. Thrivas, a leader […]

How To Answer The Interview Question, What Do You Know About Our Company?

When looking for a new job and learning how to answer interview questions, the question “What do you know about our company?” is bound to come up. This is one of the most significant interview questions you’re going to be […]

How To Answer The Interview Question, What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

Whether the question is “What are your greatest strengths” or “What is your greatest strength”, you want an answer that’s going to blow the interviewer away. Thrivas staffing agency in Ft. Lauderdale can help.
As you begin to discover more about […]

Phone Interview Tips – How To Ace Your Phone Interviews

The phone interview should never be underestimated. Just as you would look for tips on how to ace a face-to-face interview, you should take phone interview tips and phone interview advice seriously.
After all, being interviewed over the phone might be […]

How To Overcome “You’re Overqualified” – Interview Answers For Being Overqualified

Is there actually such a thing as being overqualified for a job? As it turns out, Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Tampa FL, has found that our clients feel there is such a thing. As you learn how […]

Do You Have Any Questions For Me? How To Answer Interview Questions

When it comes to learning how to answer interview questions, it’s all a matter of understanding your opportunities. “Do you have any questions for me” is one of the most potentially useful opportunities you’re going to get with interview questions […]

How To Answer The Interview Question, “What Interests You About this Job?”

Are you looking to interview for a new and exciting position? If so, congratulations. But you may be wondering how to answer interview questions. Some of the most popular interview questions are probably, “what interests you about this job?” or, […]