7 Things You Don’t Know About Online Applications

7 Things You Dont Know About Online Applications

Today more companies than ever before are utilizing online applications. Luckily, these are easy on applicants as well as the organizations themselves. However, how much do you actually know about these applications? Consider seven things you do not know about online apps.

  • Real people review these applications. – While the application may initially be screened through an automatic system, eventually your app will be seen by a HR representative or another member of the company. Remember the “personal touch” when you’re filling in those blanks.
  • Sometimes it is possible to apply for multiple positions at once. – Check out the options before you click submit and you might be able to save a few moments of your time.
  • Keywords matter – When applying, make sure you utilize important keywords that highlight your skills. Do not go overboard, but use accurate keywords to describe your knowledge and abilities.
  • There are no take backs – Do not click submit until you are 100% sure everything is accurate. You can’t retrieve your application if you find a mistake after the fact.
  • Employers will dig deep – Clean up your social media profiles before applying. Chances are, potential employers will connect you through email addresses or other identifying information.
  • Completeness counts – Try to fill out every possible blank spot in the application process. Each one of these sections is another chance for you to match with something that the automatic candidate screening tool may be searching for throughout applications. If you can’t answer, work to obtain a way to fill that blank in the future.
  • Include a resume and cover letter – If there is a section to include attachments, make sure you include your traditional resume and cover letter along with the online application. This offers employers another look at you as a candidate.

As you can see, the world of online applications is a little different from the traditional methods of the days past. Do not be afraid of this new technology. While it is different, there are plenty of benefits for you. You can apply for dozens of jobs with just a few simple clicks—something that a few short years ago may have only been a dream.

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