Are You Making These Critical Job Application Mistakes?

Are You Making These Critical Job Application Mistakes

Filling out job applications does not involve the same process that it once did. While you may still fill out a paper application for some organizations, this is the exception rather than the rule. Most applications are completed online or using an application kiosk. However, this does not mean that you are exempt from making a critical mistake when you are filling out those endless blanks and bubbles. Before you click submit (or hand in that paper application), make sure you check to make sure you do not make any of these ten critical application disasters.

  • Making a Spelling or Grammatical Error – While a comma splice may be forgiven, using the word “Pacific” when you mean “specific” may not. Check for grammar and spelling.
  • Forgetting to Sign – Even online applications may have a digital signature section. Make sure you do not have to do anything special to sign your application.
  • Misreading a Question – Misreading County as Country or other simple errors may not seem like a big deal, but it shows that you are not paying attention to the application process.
  • Not Completing the Process – If the application process includes a questionnaire or survey, make sure you fill this out too. Failing to finish, the process could prevent your application from being seen.
  • Using an Unprofessional Email Address – If your email address is unprofessional or outrageous, change it. This could make a big difference to potential employers.
  • Leaving off References – If the application asks for references, this is not optional. Include the information so the hiring manager can make a decision.
  • Including Outdated Contact Information – Make sure you include the best information to reach you. You want the employer to be able to call you if they wish to schedule an interview.
  • Referring to the Wrong Job – When you are filling out multiple applications, it can be easy to become confused. Make sure you include information about the right position.
  • Making the Application Illegible – This is only a problem with paper applications, thank goodness. If you find yourself applying with one of these forms, make sure the employer can read it!
  • Lying – Tell the truth. Today, more than ever before, employers can find out information about your background. It makes more sense to be upfront about your job history and skills.

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