Ask Away! – A Brief Guide to Asking Questions on An Interview

Ask Away A Brief Guide To Asking Questions On An Interview

When a potential employer calls you in for a job interview, you expect that much of the time will be spent answering questions. After all, this is your time to tell the employer more about your skills and you as an employee. However, you too may have questions about the job. How will you know if it is the right position for you if you do not learn more about the company and the position? Asking questions is necessary, but asking the right questions, at the right time and in the right way is the key to improving your odds of getting the job even as you obtain this intelligence.

What Questions Should You Ask?

While the idea of asking about salary or benefits is one that is much debated, a few questions are usually safe bets. These are:

  • What are the job hours?
  • Are there any travel requirements?
  • What are the job responsibilities? (this is a great time to highlight some job-related skills)
  • How does your role fit in with the bigger picture of the organization?

These are just a few of the many acceptable questions. Spend some time putting together a few questions you want to know the answer to before the big day—that way you have them ready if the interviewer says those magic words: “Do you have any questions about the position?”

Choosing the Right Time

In most cases, the potential employer will give you a chance to ask questions about the job at the end of the interview. If he or she does not offer you this opportunity, wait until the very end and then try to find a smooth, simple time to work in those questions. The most important thing is not to interrupt the interviewer’s “flow”.

How to Ask Questions Properly?

While everyone will have a different style of asking questions, the key is to be friendly and make sure you do not come across as demanding. You are shooting for inquisitive. Think about your question asking session as an opportunity to advance your job interview as well as learn more about the position.

A job interview is a big step. While nerves are natural, don’t let your nerves the get the better of you and prevent you from asking those much-needed questions. You will see find that putting effort into the question asking process is well worth it in terms of payoff—especially if you get the job!

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