Battling Nervous Behaviors During Job Interviews


Everyone is nervous when interviewing for a new job. It makes complete sense, of course. However, some people have more trouble than others dealing with this nervousness. If you are one of those people who tend towards severe agitation—perhaps with twitching, tics or to even stuttering, you may need to take some additional precautions before you head out for an interview. Here are a few tips that may help you perform your (nerve-free) best!

  • Breathe – It may sound simple, but remembering to breathe can make a big difference in how you deal with stress. Focus on breathing regularly and everything else you do will fall into place naturally
  • Speak Well – Think about your speaking voice. Do not shout, but speak loud enough that the interviewer can hear you. Try to kill that monotone and a few stutters will be less noticeable than it would be if you express yourself quietly or blandly.
  • Use Professional Language – Work on killing the ums, you knows and likes from your speech patterns. These can quickly turn to stutters and make every statement less of an impact than it should be.
  • Keep Your Hands Still – Find something comfortable that you can do with your hands. If you don’t think about it ahead of time, you could wind up picking at your clothes, touching your hair or playing with a pen or other item. These common nervous habits are easy to prevent.
  • Be Careful With Humor – While humor is a great way to break the ice, it can easily flop and cause more uncomfortable situations. Think hard before you give a “funny” answer. Humor is a tough thing to master.
  • Prepare But Don’t Script – Spend some time thinking about what you will say or how you will answer particular questions, but don’t try to create a script. When you have a script, you are more likely to become confused when things do not go as planned. On the other hand, skillful preparation, is always useful.

The most important way you can deal with your nervous habits is not worry about them. The more you concentrate on these issues, the more pronounced they are likely to become. Just calm down and focus on answering questions and showing off your skills as a potential employee. Soon the interview will be over, so you can relax!

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