Classic Public Speaking Techniques to Improve Your Interview Skills

Classic Public Speaking Techniques To Improve Your Interview Skills

Before you go into a big interview, you will likely spend some time searching for interview tips. However, have you ever thought about digging a little deeper? It could be that the best way for you to improve your interview skills is to improve your public speaking abilities. Here are five classic public speaking techniques that can help you ace that big interview, brought to you by Thrivas, a leader among temp agencies.

  • Put the Focus on You – There is no need to dread the words “tell me about yourself” when you are well prepared. Tell stories, teach the interview something unique about you and do not be afraid to make the focus of the interview be you.
  • Be Confident – A confident speaker is more engaging and interesting. The same is true of an interviewee. Work on your confidence and do not be afraid to show off your good side. Even consider a bit of enthusiasm. It will go a long way towards improving your performance.
  • Use Notes – While you do not want to read from a script, there is no reason why you can’t have a resume or some notes in front of you to make it easier to remember important facts about yourself. A good set of notes can be a lifesaver.
  • Do Not Ramble – A great speaker knows when to end the speech—hopefully before the audience gets bored. The same is true when you are at an interview. Feel out the person doing the interview and see if he or she seems ready for the interview to end. It could be time to stop talking.
  • Practice – You would not give a speech without practicing it a time or two first. Do not go to an interview without practicing as well. It is worth taking a little time to get your answers “just right”. A friend or family member can help you with this important step and may even prevent you from making a big mistake on the big day.

As you can see, there are many public speaking tips that are useful during the interview process. Start with these tips and do not be afraid to try something unexpected. It could be that the advice you need to take your interview abilities to the next level could be found in an unexpected place.

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