How To Answer The Interview Question, What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

How To Answer Interview Question What Are Your Greatest Strengths

Whether the question is “What are your greatest strengths” or “What is your greatest strength”, you want an answer that’s going to blow the interviewer away. Thrivas staffing agency in Ft. Lauderdale can help.

As you begin to discover more about how to answer interview questions, you’re going to find out ways in which to provide strong, confident answers to even the most difficult questions.

Some people don’t do well on this question because they are not confident enough. Others find that a question along the lines of “What is your greatest strength” is the kind of thing that puts them dangerously close to arrogance. As anyone with experience with job interviews will tell you, appreciating the difference between confidence and arrogance is crucial.

In the end, you want to eliminate both of the above faults from your thought process. On the subject of essential interview questions and interview answers, this is something you absolutely need to be prepared for. It is almost a certainty that this question is going to appear at some point during your job interview.


What Are Your Strengths?

In terms of strong interview answers to tricky interview questions, you’re going to find in many cases that research is often the best way to go. A certain quality involving self-assuredness is a must, but without a little work ahead of time, you’re going to find your confidence abandoning you when you need it the most.

Researching is the cornerstone to learning how to answer interview questions. In this case, the thing you’re researching is yourself. Start by making a list of everything you consider to be a strength. Once you have such a list, focus on the strengths that you feel best apply to the company that has scheduled you for a job interview. Hone the ways in which you describe these strengths. Come up with answers that are going to be able to utilize actual past examples from your actual work experience.

You don’t have to make up all of these things in your head, on the day of the job interview itself. Work on creating this list of strengths in the moments leading up to the interview. You certainly shouldn’t be afraid to practice how you’re going to deliver your answer to such questions as “What are your greatest strengths.”

And remember that honesty is essential. You want to put the best possible spin on your strengths, but that certainly doesn’t mean lying.

Thrivas staffing agency hopes this helps you land your next job!

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