How To Answer The Interview Question, “What Interests You About this Job?”

What Interests You About This Job How To Answer Interview Questions1

Are you looking to interview for a new and exciting position? If so, congratulations. But you may be wondering how to answer interview questions. Some of the most popular interview questions are probably, “what interests you about this job?” or, “what interests you about this position?” Here, THRIVAS, a leader among staffing agencies in Orlando FL, will give you some options for various interview answers to these two interview questions. With a bit of practice, you can nail these interview questions.

Align Your Talents with What They Want

One common tactic used to answer the interview question what interests you about this job is to align your talents with what they are seeking in an employee. You could highlight things you had experience doing before and really enjoyed or that you were very good at. You might even want to refer them to various experiences on your CV or resume, or pieces in your portfolio. Just be sure to connect these things with skills and talents that the company, institution, or business is looking for in employees. The more specific you can get, here, the better.

Look to the Future

One great way to answer the interview question what interests you about this position is to look to the future. Tell the interviewers where you imagine yourself in a few years, whether you get this job or not. Show them that you plan on pursuing a personal goal or plan of action to find your dream career, even if they do not hire you. This sort of answer shows commitment and determination on your part. Lots of employers in all sectors are looking for entry level employees that can later do more for the firm. Or just employees with lots of initiative.

Your Passions and Theirs

Are you applying to a place because you feel that you have similar philosophies about life, fun, or something else? Are you passionate about the thing that the firm helps to make possible? If so, then this is yet another answer that you can give to the above interview questions. When you learn how to connect both what the business does and your passion in how to answer interview questions, you are again demonstrating passion and commitment. You also let your employers know that you will remain loyal while working there. In fields where passion is important, this clearly demonstrates it.

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