How to Leave Them Loving You When You Quit

How To Leave Them Loving You When You Quit

Quitting your job may have been your dream for some time, but that doesn’t mean you should start doing jumping jacks while yelling that you quit. Burning bridges is never a good idea, as you never know how it can hurt you down the line. You can instead make a gracious and classy exit that leaves your former boss and coworkers loving you. Here’s how…brought to you by Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies.

Give appropriate notice

Two weeks is standard, but more time may be appropriate depending on the level of responsibility your position entails.

Tell your boss first

It’s disrespectful to let your boss hear the news from someone else. It’s also an easy way to foster resentment. Ask your boss for time to talk, then shut the door and treat the interaction as a business meeting.

Be as honest as you can about why you’re leaving

Perhaps you don’t want to admit you’re heading over to the competition, or have absolutely no prospects or no new job lined up. Instead of making up stories, Thrivas Staffing Agency recommends simply saying you received an offer you just couldn’t refuse. Making up stories can backfire, as can telling different stories to different people. Gossip will circulate, and people will find out sooner or later where you ended up, thanks to LinkedIn and other connections.

Be willing to help ensure a smooth transition

Getting all your loose ends in order. Reviewing all open tasks or unfinished projects with your boss. Training your replacement. These are all moves you can make to help ensure the “orderly and positive transition”. They are so vital at departure time. Once you give notice, your main aim in your remaining days is to work with your boss to prioritize what needs to be done before you go.

Express your gratitude

Even the most horrendous jobs present at least a few learning experiences. Focus on the positive aspects of your time with the company, openly expressing gratitude to your boss as well as your colleagues. You may even want to send thoughtful notes to those who helped you the most.

With the right moves, your exit from the company can be smooth, gracious and leave you with a positive impression in the minds of your former coworkers and boss. And you can compound the positive vibe even further by bringing in a plate of cupcakes on your last day.

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