How To Overcome “You’re Overqualified” – Interview Answers For Being Overqualified

You’re Overqualified

Is there actually such a thing as being overqualified for a job? As it turns out, Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Tampa FL, has found that our clients feel there is such a thing. As you learn how to answer interview questions, you’re going to discover that if this statement comes up during your interview, there are two things you need to keep in mind.

In the first place, this isn’t the interviewer being nice. If you’re not qualified for the job, the company isn’t going to be looking to soften the blow. They’re not going to be caustic about it, but they’re not going to go to any great lengths to spare your feelings.

In the second place, being told you’re overqualified for job does not mean you’re sunk. There are indeed interview answers that can be utilized in this situation. There are things you can say that will not only keep you in the hunt, but quite possibly increase your chances of being hired. Learning how to answer interview questions goes well beyond simply knowing what to say. You also need to learn when the time is right to say the things that are going to impress employers, and bring you that much closer to getting the job you’re after.

Being Overqualified

In order to avoid losing out because you’re apparently overqualified for the job, there are things you can do before and during the interview. There are also interview answers that can steer things away from this topic, if it seems like things are getting close to that suggestion, or if the interviewer has already said it.

Keep these tips in mind if you would like to avoid or overcome the “overqualified for the job” interview obstacle:

  • Stay away from jobs that are well below your qualifications. Unless you absolutely have no choice, avoid job interviews for positions that are dramatically below you current experience level/salary range.
  • Make it clear in the interview that you’re not just looking for a temporary position. Interviewers can become concerned that an applicant is only looking at the job as a means of tiding them over, until something better comes along. Throughout the interview, do not give the interviewer any reason to consider this possibility.
  • If the overqualified for job statement does come up, relax. Use the opportunity to calmly and confidently explain why the job is by no means beneath you. Mention the challenges and responsibilities within the position that appeal to you.
  • Ask for clarification. If the issue comes up, simply and very politely ask for details, then address those details appropriately.

Thrivas staffing agency hopes this helps!

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