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Below are some good reasons to consider reducing your work week by a day while increasing company spirits significantly.

After considering a four day work week for some time now, my initial response to questions regarding this incredible benefit is “Why not?” Executives, CEO’s and small business owners all across the world have questioned if it truly does work. The answer is a definite YES!

Naturally, for those who have a sizable customer support aspect of your company or if you need to be operational during retail hours, it requires some resourcefulness plus some scheduling expertise to adapt to this particular schedule. Maybe after reading through this blog article you’ll want to try out a test version of a four-day work week within your company. If you choose to, I’d personally like to find out how it goes or answer any questions you may have.

First, I want to express the “reason” regarding this strategy by starting with a critical part of the “people” component of any company – the “company culture.” The truth is, numerous elements of our culture are specifically connected to this unique perk. Here are some reasons behind that statement as well as a couple of questions you might want to consider as a business owner:

How much more innovative and interesting would your company be if each and every employee invested an entire day once a week focused on research? What ideas, new concepts and also energy might be injected into your company?

This sort of benefit is surely an advantage in recruiting the most talented employees to your company. Similar to a hit song, your human resources department demands a “hook” to catch the best talent in the market. It will certainly make a tremendous difference!

In relation to the reason above, you will retain more employees then ever before! Who would want to lose three days off and only commuting four days per week?

Although the workforce is working ten hour days, the sense of urgency produces a higher level of energy, and focused cohesiveness. It’s a pleasure to observe and to become drawn into.

The additional time for research creates a well informed workforce along with the acknowledgement they have something to add. (Plus, meeting the a/c technician on a Monday or planning countless three-day escapes is rarely taken for granted …)

In many cases, Thursday nights after business hours turns out to be an excellent opportunity for the team to mingle and have fun. This too appears to be important for employee retention rates. A new study showed the number one reason behind an employee not leaving their job is dependent upon having a good friend in the same company. Kind of practical, right?

These reasons together with the ones you most likely developed while reading this article and you’ll come to the realization that the extra attention, energy, teamwork and commitment as a result of a four-day work week will drive your productiveness upwards!  Not a terrible result for a basic idea.

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