Phone And In-Person Interview Tips From A Miami Staffing Agency

Interview Tips

Phone interviews are a common method today for companies that are interviewing potential candidates for an open position. They want only those that are best qualified and phone interviews are a means for determining those that quality for an in-person interview. That said, it’s important that your phone interview leave a good, lasting impression on the employer so that you can land the actual in-person interview, to get one step closer to being offered the position.

The interview tips listed below from Thrivas, a leader among staffing agencies in Miami, will help you identify what should be and should not be done when undergoing a phone or in-person interview.

Phone Interview – Do’s

  • Be Prepared – prior to your interview make a list of your accomplishments, weaknesses, strengths and answers to the most common questions asked during an interview.
  • Resume – Always have your resume right in front of you when doing a phone interview because you will be referencing it when discussing your past and current work experiences.
  • Paper & Pen – Take notes during your phone interview on a piece of paper.
  • No Distractions – Always ensure you are somewhere without distractions; this means turning off the TV, radio or ensuring no other ‘noise’ or distractions are present during the phone call.
  • Take Your Time – It’s okay to pause and think for a moment when responding to a question by the employer. You should speak clearly and slowly and with confidence.
  • Smile – Smiling can’t be seen while doing a phone interview but it can project the positive tone that smiling brings about.
  • Thank the Employer – After the phone interview send a ‘thank-you’ to the employer, letting them know you appreciate their consideration and to recap on your interest in the job.

Phone Interview – Don’ts

  • Keep it Clean – It is not okay to chew gum, have candy in your mouth, eat anything or smoke while in an interview.
  • Rambling – It’s common for some to start rambling during an interview (often due to nerves) but try to keep your answers direct and right on point, leaving out unnecessary details.
  • Be Considerate – Never interrupt when the interviewer is speaking; this is something employers pay close attention to, believe it or not.
  • Unnecessary Details – You might feel a ‘story’ is appropriate when answering certain questions, however it is not. Answer as ‘directly’ as you can, not including too much information.
  • Boss Bashing – Never talk ill about your former employers because this reflects badly on you and will likely automatically eliminate you from any chances of getting the position.

In-person Interview – Do’s

  • Do Your Research – It’s important that you know about the company you’re trying to be employed with. Learn more about what they do and then find out what you can about the people, or person, that will be interviewing you.
  • Practice – Like you would with anything, practice your responses to the common interview questions and try to keep them related to the company.
  • Job Details – Familiarize yourself with the actual job description and try to focus on answering in ways that portray how you are an ideal fit for the responsibilities.
  • Appearance – Suits are always a good choice for dressing for an interview, but business attire (pants, top, blazer, etc.) can also make an impression.
  • Resume- Make sure to bring along a handful of copies of your resume because they won’t always have it on hand, but you will be prepared and that makes a good impression.
  • Early Arrival – You don’t want to be significantly early, but arriving at least 15 minutes allows time to gain your composure, fill out any necessary paperwork or forms, and to collect your thoughts before your actual interview.
  • Directions – Make sure you know where the location is and that you can get there without any problems to avoid any risk of being late.
  • Take Time – Try not to rush when answering a question and instead allow yourself a minute to form the best response.
  • Clarify – If you aren’t sure what the interview is asking, simply ask for clarification.
  • Thank You’s – Always send a thank-you note or letter to the person or people you interview with, thanking them for their consideration and restating your interest in the job.

In-person Interview – Don’ts

  • Be Windy – Talking too much or providing too much information can be a turn-off to interviews so make sure your answers directly answer their question and are short and sweet, to the point.
  • Former Employers – Never speak ill of your former employers.

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