Staffing Agency In Boca Raton, FL News – The Head Coaches Of Colleges Are Almost Always The Highest Earning Employee


Staffing Agencies in Boca Raton, FL – News – The head coaches of colleges throughout Florida are almost always the highest earning employee, and this stays true for Boca Raton’s FAU. Charles Partridge brings in a half a million dollars a year as the head coach of Florida Atlantic University’s football team. This makes him the highest … Read more

Average Salary & Hourly Wages For America’s 130 Million Jobs


Typical Wages For Common Professions 18 million jobs pay $10 or less per hour Fast food workers – $8.81 per hour – $18,330 annual salary Waiters and waitresses – $8.94 per hour – $18,590 annual salary Cashiers – $9.12 per hour – $18,960 annual salary Maids – $9.51 per hour – $19,780 annual salary Personal care aides – $9.67 per … Read more